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Goal Setting Tip (Final Thought)

Goal Setting Tip (Final Thought): We all get doubts and that little voice inside our telling us “you can’t do that” or “you’re not good enough” – in the word of Coaching we call them the Gremlins.

So my question to you is how are you going to face your Gremlins? Are you going to let them win? Or are you going to tackle them head on? I know that you can do the latter.

So take a deep breath, warm-up you body and your mind, have a good stretch and say out loud (confidently and assertively) “I will do it.” Now. That felt good, didn’t it?


Goal Setting Tip No.6

Goal Setting Tip No.6: To my friends and family (and particularly my poor boyfriend), the phrase “crack on” is a well-known one. It was my phrase of 2016. And yes, it may have got the occasional raised eyebrow and sigh, but it really did influence my decision making and goal achievement. (I might roll it on for another year – sorry Tom!!)

Once the goal is effectively set, and all the visualisation techniques have been used, there is nothing left to do but take action. Crack on!!

I hear people say that they have tried all of the different interventions and therapies but nothing has worked. Not in all cases, but in some it does lead one to wonder about the common denominator. Although different in background and technique, most interventions rely on one critical thing at the heart…the client’s desire to change and take personal action. There’s no effect without action. Change happens when you crack on!

Goal Setting Tip No.5

Goal Setting Tip No.5: Fear is a perfectly normal emotion – and very healthy. It could stimulate our fight or flight response when faced with danger. It can keep us safe. Inappropriate and negative fear on the other hand can stop us making decisions and present us with the infamous ‘what if’ scenarios….it can make us feel ‘stuck’. If this sounds like you and you have inappropriate fear (or for that matter anger, sadness, hurt or guilt) in your life, then I would recommend googling Time Line Therapy.

Goal Setting Tip No.4

Goal Setting Tip No.4: Involving others in your goal setting and also your goal achievement can be really important. Simply saying your goal out loud to a trusted friend will help you take more accountability and in turn mean you are more likely to achieve it. I mean you’re not going to want to lose face, and there’s nothing more annoying, I mean helpful, than a friend saying “have you done that yet?”

We can reach out to others for a supporting hand or a kick up the backside. For words of encouragement or even sometimes the harsh reality check. Remember though, that responsibility for achieving your goals is always yours, not theirs.

Goal Setting Tip No.3

Goal Setting Tip No.3: Just like in a game of chess, you need to have a strategy. It’s like knowing your next move at all times; always thinking at least one step ahead. And it must be YOUR strategy. Not your friend’s, your partner’s or your colleague’s. You know you better than anyone else; take advantage of that fantastic knowledge and do something with it.

And a strategy does not stop there…..

What’s your strategy for maintaining a positive mindset? What is your strategy for dealing with hurdles and set backs? What’s your strategy for keeping momentum up? What’s your decision making strategy?

I personally hate chess, but I can think strategically!!

Goal Setting Tip No. 2

Goal Setting Tip No. 2: I’m sure we’ve all heard the Milton Erickson quote, “a goal without a date is just a dream.” He’s correct of course. Research shows that you are statistically more likely to achieve a goal if you’ve specified exactly when you are going to achieve it by. And why stop at just the date? If you’re setting short-term tasks, specify the time too.

Time is a fascinating concept….do you know some people think that it is an illusion? Regardless, even if it is nothing more than a ticking watch…that’s the sound of life passing you by. Start doing today!

Goal Setting Tip No.1

Goal Setting Tip No.1: Do you ever hear people (or yourself even) talk about goals using the phrases “I hope to….” or “I’ll try to….”? Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence that they are going to be achieved, does it? Sounds quite a lot like there’s permission to fail held within the sentence. I mean how often do you hear a friend say “I’ll try to call you on Thursday” – and how often do they call?

The language we use is so important in goal-setting. It is like a direct link to our unconscious. So let’s drop the H’s (Hope) and the T’s (Try) and get focussed on the W’s (Will) and A’s (Am)!!

Become Your Own Masterpiece….NLP (Day 10 – The End!!)

And breath!! Okay, so I’ve learnt that I’m not a fan of train travel, tube journeys are just as hard work as I remember them, writing a blog a day takes some practice; but most importantly of all that I have what it takes to certify as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy. The course may now be complete; the journey is far from over.

I cannot wait to share the benefits of my learning with my clients through the ‘Become Your Own Masterpiece’ coaching sessions and workshops. I’ll be working with:

✔ Individuals who want to unlock or harness a skill that seems beyond their reach

✔ Business owners looking to set personal & business goals

✔ Young People/ Students who need support navigating a period of transition in education

✔ Corporate Individuals who need coaching to deal with a transition or business challenge

And if you’re wondering why there are two broken pieces of wood on my lap – I also learnt that I can break through wood with my bare hands!! I’ve been looking forward to that all week, absolutely nothing was going to stop me….and if the boys could do it, then I definitely could!!

Thank you for reading….


Become Your Own Masterpiece….NLP (Day Nine)

Today’s post will be short and sweet….as today’s session was all about me!! Working in pairs we facilitated what is called a ‘Breakthrough Session’ – you work through a personal history of each other, and then utilise NLP, Hypnosis and/or Time Line Therapy techniques and interventions to resolve problems or support future goals. I’m not one for problems, so I utilised the opportunity to look to the future and visualise my business goals for next year, particularly useful as I am taking the business in a slight change of direction from January 2017. The quote above really resonates with me as a result. My focus is on the future, and I am confident that it will secure the reality that I am looking for.

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