The power of coaching has enabled me to achieve my business ownership dream; and live a life in balance with my core values of credibility, choice, flexibility and control. 

My previous work in change and project management had led me to specialise in a methodology called Lean Systems Thinking, which is a business technique that puts customer value at the heart, and encourages its users to understand the holistic picture. As an approach it was a breath of fresh air compared to other change approaches I was aware of. It was the ‘lightbulb’ that both ignited, focused and cemented my passion for working with people. I also owe it thanks for being the avenue that first introduced me to coaching in May 2011.

I remember being drawn to a particular quote not long after; ‘to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’ perhaps a guiding light for combining the skills of coaching and change management together? The similarities and complimentary qualities of my two passions were striking: both require looking at the holistic picture; both require gaining insight about the current reality before generating creative ideas, options and solutions; and ultimately both move individuals and/or teams from where they are now to where they need to be to improve performance. Funnily enough, that quote now appears at the bottom of my business cards!