And breath!! Okay, so I’ve learnt that I’m not a fan of train travel, tube journeys are just as hard work as I remember them, writing a blog a day takes some practice; but most importantly of all that I have what it takes to certify as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy. The course may now be complete; the journey is far from over.

I cannot wait to share the benefits of my learning with my clients through the ‘Become Your Own Masterpiece’ coaching sessions and workshops. I’ll be working with:

✔ Individuals who want to unlock or harness a skill that seems beyond their reach

✔ Business owners looking to set personal & business goals

✔ Young People/ Students who need support navigating a period of transition in education

✔ Corporate Individuals who need coaching to deal with a transition or business challenge

And if you’re wondering why there are two broken pieces of wood on my lap – I also learnt that I can break through wood with my bare hands!! I’ve been looking forward to that all week, absolutely nothing was going to stop me….and if the boys could do it, then I definitely could!!

Thank you for reading….